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Our reseller program offers a great opportunity to get up to 30% discounts when reselling FDC’s services to your end users. The more you spend, the bigger the discount!

The following six tiers are based on your total monthly recurring fees and you are periodically given a chance to step up to a higher tier. 

Tier Monthly recurring fee Discount
Tier 1 under $4,999 5%
Tier 2 over $5,000 10%
Tier 3 over $10,000 15%
Tier 4 over $20,000 20%
Tier 5 over $40,000 25%
Tier 6 over $60,000 30%

Reseller requirements:

  •  You have a verifiable hosting-related website, company email, phone number, name and address
  •  You are able to provide first-line technical and billing support to your clients
  •  You instantly resolve all your clients’ abuse, spam and copyright reports as well as any other violations of our TOS and AUP

If you wish to become our partner and meet our reseller requirements, please fill out the form:

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