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Why Choose a Xeon Processor for Dedicated Servers?

Before acquiring a dedicated server one should get a definite thought regarding its processors, considering how powerful you need the server to be? A lot of theories are going on these days about whether one ought to pick Xeon processors or the Core I7 processor. FDC Servers, one of the leading data centers in the US utilizes the Xeon processor in all its dedicated servers. You seem to be speculated that what is so unique about Xeon processor? Yes, it makes a major distinction. Xeons are designed for servers, storage solutions, workstations etc in such a way that they outnumber core processors in performance, efficiency and resilience. Certain conspiracies are revolving around the Xeon processors that they do not have integrated graphics. Obviously, including a graphics card is a vital option, but why do a server need one such integrated graphics when configuring them over the network is a more feasible option?

Let’s find out, Why to choose a Xeon processor for dedicated servers?


    • ECC RAM

One of the notable features of Xeon processors is the support for ECC memory. ECC termed as Error Correcting Code Memory identifies and rectifies the corrupt data instantly. This prevents single-bit memory errors and keeps up the reliability and uptime. This feature is invariably essential for servers which requires critical computing where data corruption can turn fatal.


    • Multiple CPU Benefit

Instead of having multiple processor cores, high memory bandwidth or a huge amount of memory, it would be great to go for a system with more than one CPU. Such multiple CPU benefit is possible in Xeon, however, such deployment is not supported in core series. This deployment is made possible in Xeons through an added on-chip logic. This facilitates communication between the CPUs in order to share memory access and workload coordination.


    • Numerous Cores

In addition to the potential of multiple CPU benefits, Xeons can feature multiple cores. In general Xeon processors can have a maximum of 48 cores whereas core I7 processors can possess a maximum of 8 cores. Due to the complexity of increasing the core count, Xeon processors are quite expensive. Yet, heavily threaded applications can see huge lifts from those additional cores.


    • L3 Cache

Cache memory enables the processor to retrieve the information directly by storing all the frequently used data. This reduces the average time to access data from the main memory and helps the processor to fetch information faster. L3 cache is indispensable for applications that require high performance as it aids in immense process speeding. L3 Cache is double for Xeon processor than Core I7 processors.


    • Supports Virtualization

In the modern age, server workloads are virtualized and, Xeon processors offer a good virtualization support. In the virtualization environment, software and other OS runs inside a fake hardware and a single host OS is capable of managing several virtual environments with the add-on extensions. Xeon processors provide a whole chain virtualization support and the most secure way is to get a Xeon based setup if your plans include virtualization.

    • Hyperthreading Support

The process of distributing the processor’s workload by creating virtual cores in accordance to the physical cores is termed as hyperthreading. Core I7 processors do not support hyperthreading, whereas Xeons supports hyperthreading by doubling their cores.

Having known the features of Xeon, FDC servers are using in its dedicated servers. Xeons are great for virtualization, chat servers, video transcoding etc as they possess enough power to run heavy applications smoothly. They can be used for websites dealing with high traffic and a large amount of content. They are energy efficient, redundant and possess high core count, system memory with ECC RAMs.

Now, it’s up to you to decide if you require a Xeon based dedicated servers and if you need one please contact us. We excel as dedicated server providers in USA and EU and dedicated server hosting from FDC servers guarantees you high-performance websites.


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