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Eye Yoga: 4 Easy Tricks to Prevent Tired Eyes

First of all – the monitor does not damage your eyes, but they will be tired after some time spent using a display. Sometimes we have to work online for a long time or we just want to. So we bring you a few easy tips on how to prevent tired eyes and stay fresh!


1. 20 minutes rule

Try not to stare at one point all the time, but relax your eyes across the screen. Whenever you remember, about every 20 minutes, do a short accommodation exercise. Focus on a nearby object for a few seconds and then look out the window for a moment. Repeat several times!


2. Take a break

Take a break from the computer every hour. Five minutes is enough. If you don't remember, set up a reminder on your mobile phone. Perhaps, during the pause, you will wonder how to better solve the unfinished task.


3. Use proper light

Set the illumination of your work area so that the screen shine is as low as possible. Your eyes will not have to strain. Also, keep in mind that the monitor should not be exposed to direct light from the window. As for artificial lighting in the office, it should be rather dimmer.


4. Upgrade your display

Get a monitor that has a brightness control without PWM. This is because PWM monitors control the intensity of the backlight by blinking, which at first glance you may not even notice, but your eyes are unnecessarily tired.


Those were 4 easy tips for your fresh eyes! Stay in touch, we are going to bring more healthy tips for your online activities!

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